ELIZA, by Andrea E. Deésy


"Eliza" is a book about the values of our time, about celebrities in their daily lives and about love. Using the words of Eliza, the main character, " it takes so little for a great love to become a memory." 

"ELIZA" is the story of an accompished and independent young woman, who thanks to her famous and beautiful actress mother, meets Dávid, the front man of a pop band and also Ottó, a childhood friend, now a well known director. The city of Budapest is the backdrop for a moving love story, which right at its peak has a difficult and traumatic moment. It is at the point that the protagonist finds the means to react and to make difficult and often painful choices. Having seen her mother's experience of being imprisoned in an unhappy marriage to an inattentive and unfainthful husband, Eliza decides to be resolute in her choices. 

"In this novel, the author has been able to describe the characters in a style that is dry, direct and never redundant. The sentiments emerge clearly and it is impossible for the reader to avoid identifying with the joy and the pain so clearly presented. The events are potrayed in a direct and honest manner. The landscape and in particular the city of Budapest, are described with a topographical precision which makes them very real. The word that best describes Eliza's story is "strenght". Strenght in terms of intensity of emotion, strenght in the courage to face the events in her life and finally the strenght to live without compromise." Stefania Di Miele.