About Andrea E. Deésy

Andrea E. Deésy  is a Hungarian writer, living in Tuscany, in Italy, whose main source of inspiration comes from  the extraordinary lives of ordinary people.


She began to write stories at the age of 10 and at 15 was given her first typewriter, with which she wrote her first romantic novel.

At the end of her schooling she studied Law, but never practiced in the profession.

At just 20, she became a journalist, following her passion for literature. Her first published article drew the attention of the editors who assigned her the "VIP" column, following the activities of the most influential people of the moment.

Thus she met and interviewed numerous businessmen, sportsmen and especially politicians, as it was the during the elections for the new mayor of the city.

After having working for the newspaper for several years she began a new job with a marketing magazine and from there entered the world of advertising.

Some time later, she began to work in radio and later in television as key account manager. During which time, although she had no longer been published, the passion for writing continued.


At the same time she had discovered The Pilates Method and after that the Yoga, another love which would remain over time.

After 10 years in the world of mass media and its very intense pace of life, she came to the breaking point and the decision to take a holiday. She departed for Italy.


From that point on, she has change her life completely, she has made her life in Italy and from the passion for Pilates has created a full time job, opening a very succesfull Pilates and Yoga Studio with her sister.  


She now has a quiet, healthy and tranquill life style, filled with satisfaction, that has permitted her to take up writing once more and to publish some short stories. Thus finally, she has been inspired to finish the novel you are now reading.